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Become a Baby To Love ambassador

By joining our community of ambassadors, you help us to design always more qualitative products for the awakening and well-being of babies.

I become an ambassador !

What is the principle ?

BabyToLove is an expert in childcare and has been offering original, innovative and trendy products for more than 10 years, making life easier for parents.

Designed and developed in France by a team of passionate professionals, our products accompany baby at every moment of his day …

And we need your opinion and your feedback to make us better and better 🤗

Together, let’s co-create products that are always more qualitative and adapted toddlers, for their greatest happiness !

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How does it work ?



Each application is seriously studied in order to find the most suitable profiles (and babies !) for our products…


Receive and try
the product

You receive the product as well as our advice for an optimal use ! Take your time to test our products so that you can give us a detailed and precise opinion.


Share your

It is thanks to your opinion and your sharing that you will help consumers make their choices and find the ideal product. Be genuine and sincere, nothing more!

Why participate ?

Become an actor of Baby To Love diffusion products
We are convinced that sharing your personal experience is an incredible asset to improve our products and help other users make better choices.

consumer ?

Would you like to know more about our products for the well-being and development of toddlers ? Join our community of ambassadors and discover our range of products designed for babies ! Wellness, play mats, bibs, teethers… and more!

Or passionate
influencer ?

Your opinion counts ! Share your impressions of our products with your community and help them make the right choices !

Quality content to develop better products

the effectiveness of our products

Use tests and large-scale surveys are also ways of guaranteeing the quality of our products. Your suggestions and feedback will be essential to create quality products.

the consumer experience

Detailed and authentic content helps consumers make informed and safe purchases ! Your feedback helps educate your community with high quality content.

innovative product designs

Your testimonials and posts on networks open our eyes to what really matters to a consumer. And this is very important for us to improve the quality of our products.

Your feedback gives us ideas to develop future soothing and innovative products for our newborns and children !


Why participate in our ambassador campaigns?

Participating in our ambassador campaigns means helping us to co-construct products that meet consumers’ expectations. Indeed, your detailed and authentic feedback allows us to develop innovative and efficient products that perfectly match the needs of our future customers. No more failed purchases, no more casting errors, and less waste.

Moreover, by sharing your opinions on social networks and product pages, you offer visibility to our brand, but you also allow your community to buy a product with a clear conscience. And not just any product! It’s a product that you have appreciated after having tested it and that corresponds to your values and needs.

How to participate in our ambassador campaigns?

You can apply online by answering the application form, which consists of about 20 questions. These questions help us to draw a precise portrait of your consumption habits.

If we don’t have any product tests in progress, don’t hesitate to leave your email address so that we can contact you to participate in future campaigns.

How is the panel of ambassadors organised?

We make sure that our product test panel is very diversified, in order to offer our community consumers who are like them. On the one hand, we have curious consumers, sometimes novices, who want to learn more about our products . On the other hand, we have influencers, passionate about for the well-being and good sleep of children, who can provide expert advice on a daily basis via their own social networks and blogs.

How do we select ambassadors?

We scrupulously select ambassadors according to the product to be tested and in coherence with the vision and values of our brand. Indeed, we have precise criteria to associate products and ambassador profiles. To do so, you will have to fill in a questionnaire. Once completed, we sort the applications to select the most relevant panel.

Thus, each application is carefully studied according, interests and socio-demographic data, etc. if it is relevant.

And after testing the product?

Once the products have been tested, we invite you to leave authentic and detailed reviews in order to inform our community as accurately as possible. These reviews can be published on your own social networks as posts (Instagram, Facebook,…), on your personal website – as an article – or in your stories.

You can make photos or videos to illustrate your words (in situation, before/after or at the moment of receiving the product). This way, you send an incentive signal to consumers and your community, which helps reassure them about the effectiveness of the product you tested.

How does the program work?

1- Thanks to a page on our website dedicated to the ambassador program, you will have access to the different tests proposed by our brand. An explanatory text about the program invites you to participate in one or more of the tests set up.

2- You can apply online by answering a questionnaire that allows us to learn more about the specifics of your profile (physical characteristics, interests, socio-demographic data, etc. if necessary).

3- Once selected, you will receive the product at home, along with a user manual that allows you to obtain all the benefits of the product and to have a perfect experience during the entire test.

4- Test the product and note every aspect of it (effectiveness, packaging, …) from the moment you discover it until the final results with your child.

5- Share your experience by posting authentic reviews that guide consumers in their future purchases. These reviews help them find the right product to improve our products.

How can I participate?

To join our community, simply register on our website on the dedicated “Ambassador Program” page. Once done, you must answer the various questions in the form that allows us to define your profile. After our selection, you will be a member of the product test panel proposed by our brand.

How many accounts can I have per household?

There is no limit to the number of accounts per household. The accounts are nominative and therefore dedicated to a particular person in the household. You can have several accounts in the same household once the questionnaire has been completed.

Where can you ship the products

The products are sent all around the world, by post, to the address you will have indicated to us. Carefully packed in a parcel.

Do I have to write a review on every product I receive?

How many times have we regretted the purchase of a product that ends up in the closet without ever being used! Your involvement allows consumers to avoid future failed purchases and to buy THE product that best suits their needs.

Writing a review for each product you receive, after you have tested it, helps the brand to create products that correspond as much as possible to the consumers’ expectations, but also allows the community to know more about the efficiency of the tested products. We are convinced that sharing personal experience is an incredible asset to improve our products and help users to use them well.

Do members have to write positive reviews to participate?

By forming a panel of ambassadors, we enable our brand community to successfully shop on our site, whether the review is positive or negative.

Based on the authentic and extensive reviews of the testers, consumers will be able to choose the product that best suits their needs. A negative review allows future users to target the product according to certain expectations and needs, and allows the brand to evolve its product by taking into account your feedback. We value 100% authentic and verified consumer reviews that allow people with a profile similar to yours to make informed purchases.

Are community members paid to write reviews?

The members of the community are not paid to write a review because we want it to remain authentic. You are the one who recommends – or not – to your community, the products to adopt!

You will test our products and give your opinion in all sincerity to build the future of our brand and to accompany our customers’ purchases, if you like our products.


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