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They are on their way to meet you… the BabyToLove Musical Animals!

We are thrilled to present you our brand new collection: the Musical Animals!

Who doesn’t think of his favorite toy with a bit of nostalgia? A teddy bear, a soft doll, a dog on wheels… or a cute hippo wearing dungarees! It’s while discussing about our childhood memories that our team came with the idea of this cute Musical Animals family. We wanted to create soft music boxes with a cute look, happy pastel colors and pure design that appeal to baby … and his parents!

We have worked with a graphist based in Lyon, France, with a happy and poetic universe. We translated in 3D her pretty illustrations and chose a leather-like texture with a super soft touch.

A traditional music box is hidden inside our animals, for a retro-spirit. Each animal plays a different melody : Madeleine the Whale plays Swan Lake, Jean the Toucan flies in the sky Over the rainbow, Achille le Crocodile is a romantic reptile who plays For Elise

They are perfect as a birth gift and will fit perfectly in baby’s room!

There’s not much long to wait… they will be available from July!

Discover all our cute animals music boxes here!


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